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    We are professional mobile home park buyers with a decade-long track record of Great customer service and are uniquely positioned to buy mobile home parks due to our extensive experience in all facets of real estate and the millions in funds we have readily available.

    Mobile Home Park Owners

    Are You Looking To Sell Your Mobile Home Park?

    Why Sell Your Park To Us.

    Look, you’re going to need to work with mobile home park buyers if you are looking to sell. If you own a trailer park, you’re probably all too familiar with the reasons why people choose to get out from under this kind of real estate ownership. And if your park doesn’t happen to be the right deal for us (in the rare case), we are also brokers. We will find the perfect buyer for you. 

    • The repairs are constant. Something always needs fixing or upgrading, including the manufactured homes themselves and the systems serving the park.
    • Old or compromised septic or sewage systems are a nightmare to deal with.
    • Water and plumbing issues soak up your capital.
    • Badgering tenants for rent payments is a hassle.
    • Evicting non-paying tenants is an even bigger hassle.
    • Filling vacancies and lots is a stressful and never-ending task.
    • Finding competent, trustworthy managers is like searching for the Holy Grail.
    • And finally, the liabilities are scary; when will a tenant get hurt and sue?

    If those aren’t enough reasons for getting rid of a trailer park, here are a few more.

    It can cost up to $4,000 to haul a single manufactured home to or from the park. You must hire a professional hauler with a transport permit (required by law) to do the job. If the home is dilapidated and falls apart on the highway, guess who is responsible for it? The owner—that’s you.

    Did you know that trailers and mobile homes are registered as vehicles? This means they must be legally titled before any relocating can occur. If you can’t find a title, you have to go through the inconvenience and expense of getting a replacement title.

    In summary, many owners of manufactured home parks choose to sell because the ownership hassles and liabilities are simply not worth it. This is where you need to seek out experienced buyers to shepherd you through the entire process.

    The Traditional Route to Selling a Park

    Unfortunately, selling a trailer park is not easy or cheap.

    Finding an experienced and skilled realtor or broker is the first challenge. Once this professional has been hired (at the cost of 6-10% of the final park sale price), the park must be shown to potential buyers.

    Showings tend to make tenants anxious or annoyed; they ask questions and make complaints that you must manage.

    Potential buyers possess eagle eyes that spot all issues, major and minor. With your realtor/broker, you will be involved in many negotiating decisions.

    Inspections are part-and-parcel of the selling process. Structural inspections, termite inspections, roof inspections—these are just a few that potential buyers may require. Structures or systems that fail inspections must be repaired or upgraded before a sale can go through.

    At the end of the process, when damages have been repaired and inspections passed, there is still potential for deals to fall through if appraisals don’t come in at the right figures or if buyers’ financing falls through.

    It can take almost as much intestinal fortitude to endure the selling process as it does to manage and run the park itself.

    There’s Another (Easier) Way to Sell a Trailer Park

    Our company provides a solution to the problems of the sales process described above. We buy trailer parks outright and as-is.

    No, we’re not kidding, and no, it’s not too good to be true.

    We can do this because buying investment properties is our business, and we operate on economies of scale.

    This means that because we buy in bulk, we get deals on labor and materials that make it possible for us to purchase outright with no repairs required. While we do execute a few basic inspections, you won’t have to lift a finger, pay for the inspections, or pay for subsequent repairs.

    Our purchases are 100% legal and above board.

    The benefit to us of purchasing your park in its existing condition is that we acquire it quickly and then can fix it up and manage it. The benefit to you is that you get out from under your stress and walk away with cash.

    Are you interested in more information? Call us today or use the submission form on the contact page to send us your details.

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    How to Sell A Mobile Home Park

    Four Steps to Selling Your Mobile Home Park

    We purchase parks in a streamlined, four-step process. You avoid the usual selling expenses—including repairs, fees, and commissions–and walk away from your park with cash in hand.

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    Call us Today : (866) 871 4229

    Problems with Your Trailer Park?

    Trailer Park Problems That You Wish Would Go Away

    Manufactured home parks are special kinds of properties with unique—and not-so-unique—challenges. Are you in one of the situations below?

    Taxation Issues with Your Trailer Park

    Ahhhh, taxes. Are you in trouble with the IRS or your state taxation authorities? Maybe you made an honest mistake, or perhaps something else happened, but in any case, the IRS is not your friend, and you would like to get it off your back.

    You will find no judgment here. Call us and let’s have a conversation about how selling might solve the problem.

    Health Issues Make Everything a Challenge

    Having health problems, managing the park well can be difficult.

    Maybe your health is fine, but a loved one’s health is not. Your care is required, but park management responsibilities take you away or have you burning the candle on both ends.

    Call us. The solution might be to sell your park and be freed up to care for yourself or your loved one.

    The Project That Has Become a Nightmare

    When you purchased the trailer park, you had high expectations for property ownership that would yield a profit. But over the months or years, it has not turned out that way.

    Maybe you’ve got non-paying tenants, and you can’t seem to evict them; expensive repairs have taken you by surprise and are bleeding you out; the city has flagged you for a costly upgrade; interest rates are going in the wrong direction.

    Bottom line, your outgo is more than your income, and you’re just over the whole project.

    If you think it’s time to throw in the towel, we can take the property off your hands. As mobile home park buyers and brokers, we know we can help.

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